What To Do When There Are Sparks Coming From Your Wiring

sparks coming from your wiring

An electric spark from the wires is not a good sign. If you notice electric sparks coming from the wiring, you should call the electrician at light speed. Don’t dabble with electricity. But while you are waiting for the electrician, there are some steps which you can take which can be of great help at times and at the same time, avoid short circuits.

1. Do Not Pull The Chord

Do not pull the chord

You should gently pull the plug with one hand while holding the wall outlet with the other hand. Pulling the cord will damage the wire completely and might also trigger a fire due to the sparks.

2. Unplug The Lamps.

Unplugging the bulb or switching off the circuit breaker are the best ways to avoid bursting of the lamps in case there are sparks in the wires around them. This cuts the supply of the electricity to the bulb and hence, one can change the bulb safely. You don’t have to worry about the shocks.

3. Do Not Touch

Do not touch the walls or outlets where the sparks are coming from. You might not know if the electricity is right behind it. Step away and do not let anyone come close to the sparking.

4. Use The Fire Extinguisher

It is important to have a chemical fire extinguisher at hand at home, especially in the kitchen. Do not use water to try to put out an electrical fire. Under no circumstances are you to throw water on this type of fire because it will not put it off, it will make it grow larger and hotter.

5. Have a Certified Check

It would be wise to have a certified electrician check all the wiring and appliances in your house after an emergency of this kind. The rubber protection on wires is weakened and deformed by heat; you must be sure that all the wires inside the walls are in perfect conditions and have not suffered any damage.

If in case you don’t do the checkup, you would find yourself in serious trouble very soon.

Electric repairs are an important part of housekeeping and it is not an easy job to do the wiring. It is always advisable to allow this work to an expert and a person who has good knowledge about electricity and electrical appliances Get in touch with a professional home inspections service for the same.