A home inspector can save you from a bad home

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Buying a new home in Alberta is a serious investment and costs money. The last thing you want, when buying a new home, is to end up shelling more money than necessary on repairs. This can be easily avoided by scheduling a home inspection and getting the home you are interested in, checked inside out.Calgary home inspections can save your valuable money and help you decide which house is worth buying and which one you should steer clear from.

Here’s how a Calgary home inspector can save you from purchasing a bad home.

What does the home inspection help find?

A home inspection can help uncover minor defects, major defects and safety hazards. Calgary home inspections can reveal flaws in the roofing, in the attic, foundation, basement plumbing, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems and any additional structural components such as a garage as well. Some Calgary home inspectors use thermal imaging to find flaws that the naked eye cannot reveal. These help in determining the extent of the damage and deciding whether or not it is repairable. Calgary home inspectors will see the signs of damage that is apparent and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all costs involved. Based on this report, you can make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the house.

What does the inspection not cover?

A Calgary home inspector cannot possibly inspect every inch of the house. There are certain aspects that require more in-depth inspection by specialists. These include the inside of walls, roof and chimney, septic tanks, wells, and sheds. Just because a home inspection does not cover these areas, it does not mean that you cannot get them inspected. If something looks suspicious to you, hire a specialist for the inspection of the same. The new home will soon be your home and you are spending a fortune on buying it. Take all possible steps to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

How to go about the home inspection?

Calgary home inspections are the buyer’s responsibility and are paid for by the buyer only. Get in touch with a trusted Calgary home inspector well in advance of signing the contract papers for the house. Don’t just call the inspector recommended by your real estate agent as they may be in a hurry to close the deal. Instead do your own research and find one that you can completely trust. A typical home inspection takes 2-3 hours and should be followed up with a report. Accompanying Calgary home inspectors on the inspection is always a good idea as you can get a firsthand idea of what the issues are with the house and can ask questions. The home inspector is impartial so you can be assured of getting an unbiased report. Although home inspectors cannot directly tell you not to buy a house, if they say things like “this house has a lot of issues” repeatedly, take the cue and move on from the deal. You can always negotiate the seller’s asking price if the home inspection reveals a lot of issues that need to be repaired.

All in all, before you sign on the dotted line be absolutely certain that the home is the one you want to make your own by calling a reputed home inspector to take a look at it.

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