7 types of home inspections you can do

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Home inspections are a necessity before completing a home purchase transaction. Thorough home inspections can reveal flaws in the home that you are interested in purchasing and can help you decide on a further course of action depending on the extent of damage to the home. There are different types of home inspections ranging from roof inspections to septic tank inspections. Here are the major types of residential inspections that you must consider before signing on the dotted line.

1) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System

Home inspections can pinpoint to defects in the heating components of the home such as furnaces and heaters, ventilation units such as air vents, ducts, and chimneys. Air conditioning systems will also be checked as part of complete home inspections and can disclose faults in the cooling system in the house. Residential inspections also uncover spots in the home which lead to heat loss and need to be addressed. Home inspections for the examination of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can improve the heating and cooling of your home and increase the energy efficiency of your appliances.

2) Plumbing System

Home inspections also cover plumbing system inspections to check the water pressure, drainage, leakages, and condition of pipe systems of the home. Preliminary inspections by a certified home inspector can expose faults in the plumbing system that need to be further examined by a professional plumber to determine the necessary solution to the problem.

3) Electrical System

An expert home inspector will check the wiring, grounding, circuit breakers, ceiling fans and receptacles to check if they are in a working condition. A home inspector will also check if all fixtures of the house are working and ask them to be replaced if they are not.

4) Structural composition

Structural home inspections entail investigation of the home structure to reveal any damage due to pests or wood destroying organisms such as termites and asbestos. The inspector will also point out conditions conducive to termite infestation in the future and ask for a pest control service to be performed in the home.

5) Foundation

Home inspections include determining if the home was built on a slab or a raised foundation. If the foundation is not stable, a home inspector will be able to see the signs and ask for a foundation engineer for further examination.

6) Roof and chimney

Roof inspections are crucial before the deal is finalized as a defective roof can cost you a great deal of money in repairs which can be easily avoided by conducting a proper home inspection well in advance. Roof inspections are necessary to determine the condition of roof tiles and shingles and other roofing material. The roof needs to be checked for signs of leakage and roof drainage needs to be suitably assessed. The attic air vents should also be examined in addition to the chimney. The roof inspections will also help to bring to the surface any cracks in the chimney duct. If the chimney is constantly blocked due to debris and other things a grill or grate may be needed to be installed.

It is vital that you have a roof inspection before winters at least.

7) External inspections

External home inspections help to expose faults in the drainage system, septic tank systems, gutters and siding of the house. The home inspection can also reveal problems due to lead-based paint and dangerous gasses such as radon in the house.

Home inspections can save you valuable time, money and inconvenience by uncovering problems with the house before you buy it. The most efficient home inspectors use advanced technology such as thermal imaging to inspect the home and unveil even the minutest of faults in the home that are invisible to the naked eye. Get in touch with reputed home inspection services which provide a host of home inspection services to perform the necessary type of home inspection for the home you intend to purchase.

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